OJ Watson Park (cue Wizard of Oz jokes)

“You’re not in Kansas anymore” is what every Kansan loves to hear when they venture outside of the state (*sarcasm*). Well, if you’re in the mood for a Wizard of Oz themed walk in Kansas, you’ll want to check out OJ Watson Park in Wichita — it has a yellow brick road! No joke.

It is definitely an enjoyable place to walk around, but not the ideal place to ‘get away’ or to ‘be in nature’. If you have kids or fur kids, this is a fun park for an outing. There are pedal boats, train and pony rides, and miniature golf, along with the usual park playgrounds, and a fishing lake. There is even a concession stand for nom consumption open in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

OJ Watson Park – Beginning of Yellow Brick Road
OJ Watson Park – Train Bridge off of Yellow Brick Road
OJ Watson Park – Pedal Boats on Lake

If you work in Downtown or South Wichita and want a place to get away to on your lunch break, this park is a quick in-city escape. The times I’ve visited, there were always other cars and people hanging out in the park. During the summer, this is a popular place for kids and parties. So, it isn’t the most private or secluded park, but it can still do the trick if you need a quick “park fix”…which I seem to need, a lot.

Check out the OJ Watson ParkĀ Facebook page for updates on park activities (they have a haunted island in October!).

OJ Watson Park is part of the City of Wichita parks system, and so their hours vary with the season and weather conditions.

OJ Watson Park is located atĀ 3022 S McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67217. It is in south-central Wichita.

Have you visited OJ Watson Park? Please tell me your thoughts!

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